Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anonymous, Please Expand or Elaborate On Leatha's Question.

Leatha my dear, only Anonymous can explain his dislike in using the term"endangered species". I absolutely loved his response. That facts are what they are. Our race as a whole is becoming endangered....... Without the black male,where does that leave us?????
What anonymous stated otherwise, was sooooooooooo.... on point.


I wonder why the anonymous individual resented me using the term "endangered species" which is exactly what the Black male is? This is precisely why some Black women are reluctantly making the choice to seek mates elsewhere. Does he realize that over 40% of all Black females will never ever marry, not by choice, but simply the limited amount of available men? A significant number of Black males are either in jail, on drugs, jobless, involved in corner pharmaceuticals, and even though often killed by the police, most likely the culprit is a Black male.

None of the above categories can be evaluated as eligible. I hope he realizes these facts.

Have a good evening!!

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