Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Progress of Liberty


Though slavery's dead, yet there remains A work for those from whom the chainsToday are falling one by one;Nor should they deem their labor done,Nor shrink the task, however hard,While it insures a great reward,And bids them on its might dependFor perfect freedom in the end.Commend yourselves through self-respect;Let self-respect become your guide:Then will consistency reflectYour rightful claims to manhood's pride.But while you cringe and basely cower,And while your ostracise your class,Heaven will ne'er assume the powerTo elevate you as a mass.In this yourselves must take the lead;You must yourselves first elevate;Till then the world will ne'er concedeYour claims to manhood's high estate.Respect yourself; this forms the baseOf manhood's claim to man's regard.Next to yourself, respect your race,Whose care should be your constant ward;Remember that you are a classDistinct and separate in this land,And all the wealth you may amass,Or skill, or learning, won't commandThat high respect you vainly seek,Until you practice what you claim--Until the acts and words you speakShall, in the concrete, be the same.Screen not behind a pallid brow;Paint lends no virtue to the face;Until the Black's respected, thou,With all the branches of his race,Must bow beneath the cruel banAnd often feel the wrinkled browBent on you by a fellow-manNot half so worthy, oft, as thou.Away with caste, and let us fightAs men, the battles of the free,And heaven will arm you with the mightAnd power of man's divinity.THere may be causes for distrust,And many an act that seems unjust;But who, when taking all in all,And summing up our present state,Would find no objects to extol,No worthy deeds to emulate???????


Anonymous said...

I am a fond reader of the NYT and was shocked to read the article that is referred to here. While I am not a Trinity member I have visited and find Rev. Wright and his congregation to be nothing like what was protrayed. I'm constantly amazed by the power of the media and the fact that there is little we can trust that we read. But read we must. Trust our instincts we must. Discern we must.

Go democracy!

Cheech said...


As I continue to reiterate, WE must ALWAYS.....Consider the Source.... You-are so on point!

Thanks, for your comments.....


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