Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Christian Group Criticizes 50 Cent For Wearing Cross

Christians need to be very careful about judging others,only God sees a person's heart. Our Heavenly Father warns us about judging; he clearly states that he will judge us by that very standard. Instead of condemning folk, allow those who are not where you think you are -to see God's spirit in you....... How quickly we forget that we are all sinners in God's eyes-- only his grace and mercy differentiates us...........

Christian Group Criticizes 50 Cent For Wearing Cross
Rap superstar 50 Cent has been blasted by a religious group for wearing a cross around his neck. 50 Cent - real Curtis Jackson - has been branded a "Satanist" by American Christian group The Resistance and ordered to remove the religious symbols, reports
Group founder Mark Dice says, "50 Cent is not Christian and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything.
"He is defaming the cross and committing blasphemy by wearing it while he raps about killing people for no reason... I think a large diamond studded platinum satanic pentagram would be a little more fitting."
50 Cent's manager Chris Lighty add, "We aren't aware of this absurd request. They should look up our charitable deeds before casting a stone."
- 50 Cent Pictures

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