Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wendy: On Dorothy Tillman

So and end of an era is at hand. I don't know who's best and what great or horrible things will befall the ward but I do have to say that the "Hat's" street organization was a little rough around the edges. Her "get the vote out guy" in front of my polling place seemed to forget all about her and instead was far more interesting in hitting on me than with passing out her literature and telling me with the virtues of her candidacy. For the lilly and white (and the part of me that has to remind myself that I can be comfortable with this stereotype), this guy looked more like he could be in the polling place (the police HQ) rather than outside of it.

In short a clear sense that she has no clue how to serve these upper middle class black and white folks. I know how that sounds but the main point to her loss is not, in my mind unions and their money, but her inability to bridge the changing nature of her community. Will Pat do a better job? At least she had cleaned up, present, kinda fit in folks around polling places - I have to walk by 3. Wonder how she's playing in the 'hood

What a trip! Good Bless Democracy.

1 comment:

Cheech said...

What's up Ms Wendy!

Well you know how I feel about Dorothy.

Thats my Girl..
Sad day in the Chi

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