Thursday, April 19, 2007

Telling it Like it T is By: Mia

Telling it like it T I is...Speaking out on the young sisters..
I want to speak out on our your sisters of today. I realize that things are not how they use to be back in the day. I grew up in the 80's and yes things are much different now, I have watched these young girls degrade themselves doing things that a grown women in her 30's has not done. Young ladies where is your self-esteem and self respect? You ladies are our future and I am concerned. There is so much more to you than you realize and now is the time to set the pace for future blessings. I realize that alot of girls don't have the guidance that they need or the guidance that I had and some of my friends had growing up. There's alot of single mothers that work all day and they are very tired at night so something is missing for alot of the young ladies today. Also I realize that there is no more Big mama's around either. So alot of these young ladies are on their own and there is something's missing. So if no one has told you I would like to say you wonderful, beautiful,smart phenomenal young lady. You are so much more, know your worth respect your self cherish your temple it is a gift. Simulate your mind with only positive things surround yourself with positive people, you are a queen and you deserve only the best , except nothing short of that. Try that- I dare you and watch your life be elevated to another level.

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ladylsunshine said...

Hey Millicent this yo gurl LaJuana from school . What your speaking on is... the truth ,yes our young ladies do need guidence, but the problem lyes that they have no one to look up to . I work with children , thats my passion , I talk to our young women as well as our young black men . I lot of our youth think that everybody is trying to down them ,so what I do , not only do I discpline them , but I assist them with redirecting their negative filty language and behavior into positive language and behavior . When they see me and their behaving a negative way , they get it together because I always encourage them ,motivate them ,and I tell them I expect great things from them . If it's a group of them you better believe that a few of them are going to take my advice , because a lot of them have a LOT of RESPECT for me , because i relate to them. Our youth today needs someone to be consistent as well as genuine. Our youth can sense if your being real with them or not.I feel if everyone take a few minutes out of their busy schedules and try to cater to at lease one or two youths you know going down the wrong road, I guareented it will make a difference , you never know that one individual may be a leader of his/her group and can pass it alone. Keep this in mind some of our childre want to change , they just don't know how and with our support I feel if theres a Will theres a Way!!!!

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