Monday, April 16, 2007

Teaching “Our” Sons the Rules of the Road

By: Felecia Williams

As a single mother of a male child, everyday since his birth, I’ve questioned the choices I make regarding his well-being. Do I hug him too much, or not enough? Should I have read more books to him in his infancy, now? Do I spend enough “fun” time with him? What can I do to ensure that he becomes a strong, independent, respectful, and productive member of society?

Well, some wise person said, “No one ever did, or ever will escape the consequences of his/her choices”. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Whatever choices I’ve made, good, bad, or otherwise, the consequences are already in motion, so I just pray.

I’m a woman raising a little boy, which I want to become a “man”. I don’t have knowledge of, nor do I desire the knowledge of being a “MAN”. So I speak of things I do know, and what I know is this; right from wrong; respect vs. disrespect; honesty vs. dishonesty; happy vs. sad. I know to be humble, show pride, say I’m sorry, and tell someone sincerely that I love them.

That’s not all I know, but I figure if I can teach my son those basic rules, the road will be less bumpy. There will be detours along the road that absolutely require the assistance of the navigational expert (GOD). For only He knows whether you should turn left or right at that fork in the road, or is the road dead ends, or the bridge is incomplete.
If you purchase a new Porsche, you don’t take it to “Joe” the alley mechanic for service you take it back to the place of purchase. They have the exact specifications for your make and model, and can fix whatever maybe wrong. The same goes for our lives and the lives of our sons and daughters. Constant consultation with our manufacturer will help to keep us on track with our maintenance schedule.

That being said, life is hard, but effort is a solo performance that only you can control. So I choose to put forth all the effort I have to ensure that at a minimum, my son has a copy of the rules. Of course at 4, I have a ton of time until he get his “permit”, but even then, he’ll need my presence to get behind the wheel. At the point when he can actually navigate the road without me, I’ll quiz him on the rules, for my own piece of mind. It’ll be a test for me, to see how well I’ve done.

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