Monday, April 16, 2007

Raising our Sibling's Children

Carmen & Gregory Foster:
Gregory has been in Carmen's care, nearly four years . Gregory is her Eldest sister's child. She and I recently sat down to discuss the challenges she faces daily, in raising an African American Male.
Patrice: Hey Girly
Carmen: Are you ready?
Patrice: How long has Greg been in your care?
Carmen: It will be four years in October..............
Patrice: Was there time to think about this major decision?
Carmen:Given the dynamics of what was going on in the home,compound that with Greg's personality, no.
Patrice: So you really had no time to think about what you were about to take on.
Patrice: Carmen, what has been most challenging for you mentally, in raising an African American ,son?
Carmen: Raising an African American son, my biggest challenge, has been teaching him to make better choices.
Carmen: For example: Greg and I were at dinner the other night, were talking, he said to me "I want to learn things the hard way"
Carmen: I hold Greg accountable for every decision he makes, and often I find myself holding him responsible, so that he can understand the importance of making the right choice.
Patrice: Fundamentally, what basis or guidelines do you have in place for yourself and Greg concerning your homelife?
Carmen: A Christian Home,Mentoring programs, being pro-active, extremely involved and totally vested and committed to Gregory's well being..
Patrice: What advice would you give someone in your situation?
Carmen: Continue to hold on and never give up, on your children.......
Patrice:Thanks Cita.......

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