Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Movie is comin!!

Its time for Black men - Real Black Men to be heard. Everyday Black men who work, vote, read, take care of their families, and stay out of trouble. Which Black men's voices are heard in the media - most people hear the Rappers lyric's, they hear from spoiled & unstable athletes like T.O. and Mike Tyson, they hear from Rev. Sharpton, they see Black men getting arrested on Cops or the 10 o' clock news, they hear from Black women who tell them that 'Niggas ain't Shit', and they hear from wacko ultra-conservatives like Armstrong Williams and Larry Elder - who represents us? Regular Black men MUST make their voices heard whther through movies, books, or on the job.


Cheech said...

Remember Josiah, it's important for most sisters to be the VICTIM all of the time. They choose not to admit that their attitude problems destroy relationships. I hope that they do go to see this film. As you know, finding a good Black woman is a very difficult thing to do. I hope that this film starts a dialogue.


joe said...

We need to ask them 'how does blaming Black men for everything make Black relationships better?'. What will make things better is Black Men & Women looking at themselves, bettering themselves, healing themselves, and making better choices - financially, attiutudinal, spirtually, and morally. Black women come from the same schools, same neighborhoods, same broken families, same dysfunctional situations that Black men come from - all of us need 'a healing'. Black men have always been made aware of our shortcommings as a group; Black women have been cheated out of self examination and almost always look at the Black man's failures as the source of all their problems. We need dialog then understanding then change on both sides.

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