Monday, April 30, 2007

Daily Word

God Will Do Mighty Work in You and through You"The crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be madesmooth."Luke 3:5Nothing in your life is too complicated for God. Every situation can beresolved as you trust God to work through you and through others as Goddirects. No matter how complicated the situation may be, you can rely onGod to direct you in the exact perfect ways to success.If you are in what seems to be a maze where you do not know the path tofollow, you trust God to lead you on pathways that lead to bettertomorrows. God never fails or disappoints. You have faith in the power andpresence of God's help at work in your life.God is working in every aspect of your life, establishing Divine order.God is the answer, no matter what the question. No matter what the need,circumstance, or challenge may be, God will show you how to meet it andmaster it.If you have a health challenge, you do not exhaust yourself in an effortto make yourself well again – all the while, feeling alone, and helpless.You are NOT all alone, and helpless. God is your help in every need andGod soothes and heals you.If you are facing a perplexing circumstance, you do not pressure yourselfto come up with the perfect answer ahead of time. You turn to the wisdomof God so that you will be Divinely guided exactly when you need it.If you desire to overcome a fear, God is your deliverer and your courage.You affirm in positive prayer that God is your unfailing source and supplyof all good.You keep your vision clearly upon God with the realization that God isdoing a mighty work in and through you.On this Monday, you realize that you can dedicate this week to doingeverything to the glory of God.In 1 Corinthians 10:31, our Bible states, "Do ALL to the glory of God."This week can be a very special week for you – a week in which you thinkabout the work you do as an activity in cooperation with God's plan ofgood.You may work in a stock room, or board room, as an apprentice, orpresident, but the most important thing you will ever do is to let God'slight shine through your work and all interactions with others. God isdoing a mighty work through you!Regardless of rank or title, you can make an important contribution.Whether you are a paid employee or a volunteer, you are one of thebuilding blocks supporting the well-being of God's creation.This week, you pray that the best use of your energy is to make each ofyour endeavors a labor of God’s love. You think of all that you havecontributed and you are willing to contribute more and declare, "It isgood!" You appreciate others and all they contribute to God's continuingplan for the betterment of our world and human kind.This week, you do not self-glorify yourself, but instead dedicate ALL tothe glory of God.______________________________________God Bless You! Make it a GREAT day!Reverend Christopher Ian Chenoweth, Founder The Positive Movement—reaching the ends of the earth with the positivemessage of God. Not connected to any church, Positive Christianity is aPrayer Ministry without walls, physical or denominational, that the worldcan instantly access and use without cost.By making a donation in support of the prayer ministry of PositiveChristianity, you help us make a positive, spiritual difference in thelives of over 768,000 people of EVERY religion with free Positive DailyInspiration and positive prayer help. You also help us bless ministers ofevery denomination with free Positive Weekly Sermons to lessen the burdensof ministry for those who give so much. You can make a secure donation online at:

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