Saturday, April 28, 2007

Could this happen to you?

Good Morning, Pat:

I heard on the news that the Atlanta community is rising up However, just the other day the police were in my back yard with flashlights looking around; I was not aware until my neighbor across the alley called me and informed me of this. I immediately telephoned the 22nd District and talked to the Desk Sargeant who said that I was absolutely right that they had no business in my yard snooping around without my knowledge. I immediately thought about that 92-year-old woman in Atlanta. I once had to write a letter to the 22nd District to keep them from serving subpoenas at the wrong address when they should have been on 97th PLACE instead of 97th Street. In my letter I cited cases similar to the Johnston case.
If they are seen snooping around in my yard again, the letter will come from my attorney.

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