Friday, April 13, 2007

The Cosmic Clock By: Leatha J. Patton
There is a universal law that dictates time, governed by a solar year, and remains in tune with that cosmic clock. This determines the calendar year and governs our existence. Each day of our existence can become a document or a detriment to our personal history in this journey called Life. Our ancestors in Kemet (Egypt) were aware of this fact and because of their vast knowledge of astronomy they were in tune with the universe, enabling them to create the calendar that we are still using. I have read that it took 26,000 years to create that calendar and, although in modern times might deviate minutely from its original, still allows us a method of tapping into that source that dictates time. As we arise each morning, each of us should be capable of and prepared to spend our waking hours in a productive way and not allow them to flee into eternity—lost! The present (one day) in life is God’s gift and it is our choice to spend it either productively or unproductively. Leisure time has not been ignored here, but even that time can be spent doing things that are of value and of quality. An unproductive day is a loss of a God-given opportunity to productively document and validate one day in the history of your life as a human being. This is the message that must be conveyed to our youth even before they become school age, that to become a productive human being even a child cannot be allowed to play all the time. If this concept is instilled in the child, it will become an integral part of the adult.

Presently absent is our tenacious will as a people, which in the past called forth our genius, brought us to that historical zenith and, thus, allowed us to reach majestic heights. It courted our splendor at a time when we were favored by that supreme force that loved us, enshrouded us in grace and spirituality, and the oneness with God, to become the envy of the world where we were once exalted and adored.

History has thrown us a curve. Thus, Black people have been placed in a precarious position from the very inception of slavery, on the continent even before colonialism and off the continent throughout the Diaspora. We are confronted with a global problem in this third millennium, in this 21st century. Black people have now been culturally and spiritually derailed and must recapture a knowledge of their past, in order not to repeat it, permitting us to continue our journey that can lead to a brighter future—adhering to the constant motion of that cosmic clock.
Leatha J. Patton

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